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Life's experiences are filled with big moments. Integrating these moments are important to get the most out of them and fully understand their meaning for us. Emotions are at the core of this understanding, and speaking the language is key to a deeper knowing. Book an Initial with Opus and lets work together while you integrate life in a safe space. 

Consulting with You

Consulting with someone that can relate for your experiences and emotions can help you achieve a smoother, more successful integrated process, while minimizing risks or losses of the experience.

The purpose of a Coach is to shine light on dimensions that are not yet in your perspective.
Growth, not Solace is the purpose of a Coach.



Healthy Big Life Experiences = Internal Perspective + External Reality.

Needing Connection and Guidance following a big event in your life? Book a consult and fully integrate your experience or your internal and external realities. Both the Internal and External environments following a big life event requires integration, making sure we get the fullest out of our experiences. Big moments and life shifts are what Opus is happy to assist you with.

Emotional Work

Emotional Guidance and Support.

A deeper understanding of our emotions, feelings and differentiating them from our thoughts. Similar to talk therapy but without the red tape and lack of personal connection that holds back a good therapist or counselor. Find the connection through conversation and questions of 'Where' not Why that help lead you toward the answers you seek. Emotional Work is based in Shadow Work.

Initial Consult

Let's get to know you better.

Book a 30 minute consult to see how your needs can be met with the serves we provide. Online, over the phone, Video call, or In-Person at our space, yours or a neutral location.

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