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Opus is Latin for "Work"

With a collection of modalities that can help on our journey and path of awakening, we have to always put in the work.

Whether it's Breath, Kambo, Men's, Group, Coaching, or Emotional, 
it's all about "THE WORK."

Without putting in the work we will never stand on top of that mountain, only to look at its peak of potential from below.

As I sat on a plane some 40,000 feet into the sky, I was on my way for the first time to the country of Peru. While on this long journey from remote Newfoundland, I was reading a book that first gave me meaning to the word opus. As I believe in synchronicity, a new friend had given me this book the summer prior. I had been neglectfully holding off on finishing it and decided to bring it with me on that trip to final see the back cover. The timing to finish it couldn't have been more perfect.


Most of us put a great deal of times into work, not only because we have to work so many hours to make a living, but because work is central to the soul's OPUS. We are crafting ourselves -- individuating. Work is fundamental to the OPUS because the whole point of life is the fabrication of the soul.

~ from CARE OF THE SOUL by Thomas Moore

I finished that book on that trip South. When a came across the word Opus it stood out. As I read on I notice how universal its meanings was to the work I was doing on myself and wanted to do with others.

Then while in Peru on a Men's Work retreat in the Sacred Valley, getting in touch with my own masculinity and what it means to be a Man today, I spoke of this word to the facilitator. He gifted me with the name of a woman, 'Byron Katie'

"Out of nowhere, like a cool breeze in a marketplace crowded with advice, comes Byron Katie and The WorkLoving What Is will show you step by step, through clear and vivid examples, exactly how to use this revolutionary process for yourself."

Byron's foundation and teachings is based on what she quotes as 'the work.' As she goes through a serious of examples from here books, conferences, seminars and other life's work, she continues to show her audience of the universal meaning of her phrase called 'The Work'.

As I was starting a journey of my own New Found Awakening I would come to see more and more evidence to Opus in my life and what was to become my life's work

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