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Sananga - Rapé - Mapacho

Holistic Medicine

Treating the whole person; body mind and soul. These Jungle medicines are grounding by nature. These plants heal us but also help us feel into our bodies more with an overall awareness of presence.

Holistic Medicines'

The meaning of Holistic

Relating to or concerned with the complete system as a whole, rather than with the individual treatment of, or dissection into parts.

Looking at the whole and bigger picture.


Sananga Cleansing

Holistic Eye Drops for Ocular health.

These Amazonian eye drops are all natural. Whether you are looking to heal an Ocular ailment, to become grounded, or cleanse your spirits visual field, these drops can do all.

Rapé Ritual

Become Grounded, and Present, in the here and now with a Rapé Ritual session.

Rapé is a Shamanic Snuff. This finely ground tobacco (mapacho) comes in different varieties by adding different herbs to the mix. Most commonly used by Brazilian tribes, Rapé (Hapé) can be found throughout the Amazon basin.

Mapacho (Tobacco)

Tobacco the oldest Sacred Medicine.

Mapacho is a Brazilian tobacco. When used in the right means and with a good intension it is a  strong supporting holistic medicine. Soplay with smoke to clear energies or combine its brew (tea) as a purgative for gut health.

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