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Each service Opus provides is about putting in the "Work".
Breath'work,' Kambo 'work,' Men's 'work,' Medicine 'work,' Emotional 'work'. These services work on a Holistic level. This includes; body, mind, and emotions of ones self. The whole person, not just a symptom.


Medicine  -  Inner Work  -  Coaching

Treat, Heal, Cleanse and Detox with the Amazonian Kambo Frog.

This session is for cleansing, clearing, and detoxifying the body, mind, and spirit. The session is done one-on-one in a ceremony setting or in the comfort of your own home.

Holistic Eye Drops for Ocular health.

These Amazonian eye drops are all natural. Whether you are looking to heal an Ocular ailment, to become grounded, or cleanse your spirits visual field, these drops can do all.

Become Grounded, and Present, in the here and now with a Rapé Ritual session.

Rapé is a Shamanic Snuff. This finely ground tobacco (mapacho) comes in different varieties by adding different herbs to the mix. Most commonly used by Brazilian tribes, Rapé (Hapé) can be found throughout the Amazon basin.

Tobacco the oldest Sacred Medicine.

Mapacho is a Brazilian tobacco. When used in the right means and with a good intension it is a  strong supporting holistic medicine. Soplay with smoke to clear energies or combine its brew (tea) as a purgative for gut health.

Strong Yogic to the Subtle breathe, feel the Cosmos through Your own existence.

A session to let your body, mind and soul relax and unwind from the stresses and stimulation of your day. One-on One in person or online, or also available in a groups. Specialized Pranayama breathing techniques just for all.

The person looking for deep relaxation.

If you're looking to unwind and find a deeper meditative state, follow the breath. This practice is for anyone, any age. Designed to suit people with injuries, difficulty with postures, or the everyday soul. Find time to unwind and be better rested to take on what life presents to us.

Relax, and follow the Voice that guides you.

Drift off to the words of the guide. Off to the world that exists inside you. With the guided meditation practice, we can go to places of deeper knowing. That knowing is of ourselves. Finding insights, acknowledgement, understanding, and peace.

Ride your breath into another World.

Holotropic breathe is a form of strong yogic breathing. When done correctly by fully letting go, consciousness drifts off in to a space that only the breather can describe. Natural DMT experience, without adding any chemicals to the body. "Getting High on Your own Supply"

Healthy Big Life Experiences = Internal Perspective + External Reality.

Needing Connection and Guidance following a big event in your life? Book a consult and fully integrate your experience or your internal and external realities. Both the Internal and External environments following a big life event requires integration, making sure we get the fullest out of our experiences. Big moments and life shifts are what Opus is happy to assist you with.

Emotional Guidance and Support.

A deeper understanding of our emotions, feelings and differentiating them from our thoughts. Similar to talk therapy but without the red tape and lack of personal connection that holds back a good therapist or counselor. Find the connection through conversation and questions of 'Where' not Why that help lead you toward the answers you seek. Emotional Work is based in Shadow Work.

Let's get to know you better.

Book a 30 minute consult to see how your needs can be met with the serves we provide. Online, over the phone, Video call, or In-Person at our space, yours or a neutral location.

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