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My own story started before the manifesting idea and concept of Opus.

Where I believe my story started was with my own awakening to a new perspective on life.

I have always been on a search for more; traveling, asking, seeking for reasons or purpose. Asking, 'why are we here, and what are we supposed to be doing.'

I spent a number of years prior to this change in perspective trying to get 'Back to Life.' I even named several of my business ventures back then. Little did I know I was embodying the business name on my own path.

With this new found awakened being within myself I was truly back to life, and maybe for the first time.

After serving myself for the majority of my adult life finding out who I was as an individual, I also served my country (Canada) in military service. With 10 years of service split between the Army and Navy, I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience, socially meeting so many different people and seeing corners of the world I would never have imagined visiting otherwise.

I possess a long standing asana yoga practice from when I was working in the fitness industry. This was my first encounter with the gap between thought and feeling. This was not brought on by the practice of breath and movement but in shavasana (corpse pose). Years later when developing a breathwork and meditation practice I was reminded of how far I have come and how fulfilling it is to build awareness of that transition between mind and body.

My first visit to Peru was a year after ending a three year marriage (nine year relationship). The reason for this exploration was to seek healing through medicine that I could not find in pharmaceuticals and more importantly, to know what it was like to be a Man again. I was at a loss of what true healthy Masculinity was or looked like. Was it ever taught to me, was it something I already had, was it missing in my life or forgotten? All questions I needed answers to. I found those answers and was lovingly embraced by new found brothers. This was where my experience and knowledge of Men's Work started, seeds planted and now ready for cultivation as I look to walk with my brothers to a happier and healthy life. With this aim in mind I needed a process that worked for me so I could offer it to others.

As an attentive observer of the external world I started to tune into what I needed in my life that was also a need of others. What I found was nervous system balancing. The modalities I have chosen to pursue and now offer to others is about exactly that; Reset, Restore & Balance the nervous system.

Since life can be uncomfortable, becoming comfortable with it has helped me understand myself on a deeper level. To be less reactive and understanding of others and any situation. Developing my own practice of breathwork was my first step to truly feeling my own nervous system responses'. Once comfortable with this understanding I became certified and trained as a breathwork guide.

Return to Peru to be trained and dive deeper into the jungle.

With a direction and purpose firmly planted inside my soul, step two was becoming a Kambo practitioner. Kambo is an amazing medicine that works in so many ways. I don't believe there ever is a one pill method to healing, but if there was one that came close, it would be the magical frog.

Coming full circle, the Opus symbol. Surrender and Letting Go! Because of my time in Peru and interest in the healing power of psychedelics, I gained a broader understanding of the natural molecules that can heal our brains. Mental Illness seemed to grow at a rapid rate a number of years ago. The awareness of it was rising and once more voices spoke about its reason, it was easy to see we are all touched by mental struggles on some level. Conscious or Unconscious to ourselves. 


My work in Peru with Ayahuasca was an introduction to DMT. This piqued my interest in the molecule and what it has to offer for myself in surrendering and letting go, and maybe for those I come to work with. 

Step three, experience the power of Psychedelics. Psilocybin, Wachuma (San Pedro), Ayahuasca, and Bufo (5-MeO-DMT), has brought me to a new understanding of self, all as one, life and what it means to so many of us. Our state of consciousness is the awakening to life outside of our illusion and separation of self. Medicine comes in all forms. I believe that nature provides us with everything we need and desire. We are nature and medicine can be found within. As the belief of all is one grows, maybe, just maybe we can see all that is outside of that medicine too.

My life's Opus is to now serve others. Whether it is Men's, Nervous System, Breath, Kambo, Medicine, or Psychedelic,.... it is all 'Work'.

It is all Opus.

Those that have influenced me

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