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Men's Work

Men’s Work refers to a focused practice of personal development for men. These practices are in: emotional awareness and intelligence, relationships with self and others, effectively embracing vulnerability, and expressing himself authentically and with integrity.

Why Men's Work?

For generations men have been male oppressing and self repressing their own emotions.

The Mission is to address men’s personal issues of shame, fear, sexuality, fathering, mortality, purpose and anger. Through men's work, men get to shed wounded masculinity and ideas of what a man SHOULD be and instead learn what a man is.

Healthy masculinity

refers to a set of positive qualities, traits and behaviors that are traditionally associated with men, and not harmful or oppressive to others. Healthy masculinity involves rejecting harmful stereotypes and social norms that promote wounded masculinity, such as aggression, dominance, and emotional repression.

(suck it up, stuff it down, just get over it)

Examples of Healthy Masculinity

Emotional Intelligence and Vulnerability

being able to express a wide range of emotions and communicate effectively with others

Opus on Masculinity

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