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Here you can find Events, what is coming up, on going or repeat dates, times & descriptions.

If you are curious about what has past to see what could be returning, scroll below.

Events - Upcoming

Men's Intensive Lvl. 1

In collaboration with Spirit at Heart's Frederick Soucy we are starting the rise of the Sacred Masculine with our first Intensive level 1 program weekend, right here in Atlantic Canada.

This will involve a full purification and cleansing of the body, mind & soul through men's, medicine, and healing work.

Your personal growth starts here!

Men crave solitude but also deep male connection. This intensive is an opportunity for men to come together in the most healthy way to express, release, expand and rise up to their fullest potential.

Spirit at Heart, Kent County N.B.
June 23rd - 25th


Contact: for booking

Moncton Canada Day Weekend Medicine

Moncton Canada Day (1).png

Moncton Canada Day, Opus is back in the Dome. June 30th-3rd


Spot will fill up fast so book in soon to ensure you save your place.


Offering; Kambo - Sananga - Rapé - Mapacho, Breath and Emotional Work. AND a ceremony with a Conscious Molecule called 'The Five'
Ask for more details.


The space I hold is safe, private or with your group, and healing.
Transformation through experience is the path to growing on our journey.


DM or email to book your spot, ask questions, or enquire.


Visit for an overview of what is offered, events to come and how to connect.

Boundary Creek NB

Contact: for booking


Rise & Release Retreat

Opus is collaborating with two healers from Newfoundland to heal and grow the masculine and feminine energies on the island.

Lean into the journey of discovery, growth, and release with;


The Singing Bowl: Miss Maggie will be immersing you in a sound healing experience, and guiding a mindfulness/meditation session. You will have the opportunity to really let go and have your mind be free from the distractions of everyday life.


Janelle Wellness: Janelle will be providing Reiki & Aromatherapy. You will take part in a reiki session and discover the beauty of aromas and their positive effects, leaving you with a balanced mind, body, and soul.

Western Bay, N.L.    Aug 3rd-6th


Medicine Rebirth Weekend

Justin McCarthy (Kambo Practitioner, Breathwork Guide and Men’s Work Facilitator) & Ariane Lang (Reiki Master, Life Coach and Retreat/Ceremony Creator) would like to invite you to the Portal of Rebirth.


On this journey, we will learn from our shadows & bow down to the darkness they bring. We will sing to the sadness of our body speaking as we sit around the fire. We will go through our own storm, but soon the sun will rise, and light will brighten our path as we set ourselves free, opening our heart to this new transformation.


If you are ready to dive in some deep healing, than this Retreat is for you.

TBA - NB    Aug 11th-13th


On Going

IG Men's Circle (1).png

Opus Men's Circle

This is a FREE service for men.

A men's circle is a place for men to share there inner world, experiences of past or present with other men. This is a space to be vulnerable with the safety of confidentiality.

Men too need a container to just speak without judgement. This is how we can grow as leaders, gain respect, and build empathy.

Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 884 5297 8182
Passcode: 405551

Every Tuesday @ 7pm (Atlantic Time)
on Zoom


May Long weekend.jpg

May Long Holistic Medicine Weekend

New Found Awakening Opus practitioner Justin will be hosting a full weekend offering medicine work. This will take place in a safe and private setting with "one on one" service. The services offered over the


May long weekend are Kambo sessions and other holistic jungle medicines, Breathwork sessions and guiding, Meditation, and other conscious expanding services. Reach out to New Found Awakening through DM, email: or check out for more details and other contact details.


Price/Cost is on the Dana model = generosity, pay what these services mean to you. Give back for what you have received 

Moncton NB

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